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How to make a digital thesis

When talking about the modern form of essay writing the most uncommon form is writing a digital thesis. According to homework help online a digital thesis is a form of thesis that is digitalized and made available on the internet for ready reference and reading. It can be done using many different formats and be converted into PDF or HTML format so that it is available to the ready in form of full text with full support for tables and charts so that the reader does not miss out on important information that may be there or the tables that are referred to in the thesis. Of course it goes without saying that before you digitalize the thesis you have to take complete permission from the original author of the thesis. If not then you will be liable for punishment that can range from a fine to imprisonment. This punishment comes under the violation of intellectual property rights. It is advisable that when you make a digital thesis free access should be provided to the readers.

Useful Tips:

There are several steps that you need to follow when you are looking to prepare a digital thesis. The first and foremost step without which the digital thesis is incomplete, it involves the permission from the original author of the thesis; if the author does not allow you to digitalize the thesis you will not be able to do so. Once the permission is granted you will have to go through the entire thesis thoroughly to ensure that not a single chapter or page is missing from the copy of the thesis that you have obtained. Next, prepare a catalogue that corresponds to each page of the original report. These will act as pointers for each individual chapter. These pointers have several advantages; it makes the reading process easier for the reader, the reader can easily jump to the chapter that will interest them. Once you are done cataloguing the thesis, you finally move to the process of digitalizing the thesis. Once you are done digitalizing the final step of uploading the digital thesis on the internet begins. This will ensure that people will be able to access the thesis on the internet with ease.


You should make sure you insert an index in the digital thesis that includes the name of the original author, their qualification, year of publishing the thesis and the area that the thesis will aim to deal with. Make sure you have inserted pointers so that the reader is able to jump to the chapter of interest with just one click of the button. The use of keywords is of utmost importance when looking for information; you should ensure that the digital thesis has some mechanism that can be used to search for specific information within the digital thesis. It is also important that the thesis is digitalized using a software that is easily available on the internet and not something that is inaccessible to the reader as then there will be no point of the digital thesis.

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