Career mentoring explained

A mentor is simply someone who helps someone else learn something that he or she would have learnt less well, more slowly or maybe not at all, if left to their own devices.

A mentor shares the experience, skills and knowledge they have gained over a lifetime of work. Your mentor helps you achieve professional and personal ambitions by widening your horizons and improving your performance. Mentoring includes coaching, career guidance, support, listening, understanding, confidence building and inspiration.

These days, mentoring is chosen by serious corporate players as a vital part of navigating complex organisations in the same way as coaching is essential for the performance of AFL teams.

In today’s world of rapid change, workplace disruption, digital transformation and multiple careers, mentoring offers a safe haven to explore, analyse and reflect on your career. Mentoring allows you to

  • make the most of the opportunities and prospects before you
  • gain insight and knowledge about the workplace around you and the industry you work in
  • learn about your ‘soft skills’ such as leadership, team building and networking

When you step into the world of mentoring, you benefit from the body of evidence that states mentoring is good not only for achieving your best performance but also for your self development.

I help you

  • Achieve a successful career
  • Take the next step on the corporate ladder
  • Recognise opportunities in the wider market
  • Widen your horizons
  • Become an effective leader
  • Make the most of your networks and contacts
  • And, most importantly, be happy with your acheivements.